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What is a Background Check?

When conducting a background check on an individual or organization some of the things that need to be assessed include their records on breaking the law, enterprises and finance after which a report is compiled for all areas. The constitution of the United States understand stipulates the need for background checks under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The background checks are mostly used by employers during the hiring process.

The background check can either be conducted by government agency or some private companies at a fee. Background checks are conducted to lower the probability of hiring people who can pose a threat to the organization. The employers can use the background checks to verify the information that is given to them by the employers.

The government laws requires people in careers that involve carrying a weapon, working with vulnerable groups and driving a vehicle to have a background check prior to them being given a job. When the employee is expected to occupy an executive or senior managerial position in the company then it becomes essential to conduct a background check on them. When making considerations on whether to give a loan to a client financial institutions can also conduct a background check.

Hiring new people in the company can is very expensive to the employers and may at other times expose the business to some level of risk. Although conducting a background check mean that the employer has to incur an additional cost in the short term the result in the long-term is rewarding. People who have a history of honesty are likely to continue being honest even after they have been recruited.

government agency tests and the commercial background investigations are the two main categories of test that can be requested by the employers. With FBI checks investigation is primarily conducted by cross-checking the criminal records reported by law enforcement agency of the State as well as the federal government against the fingerprints. The commercial background checks, on the other hand, match the information given by the applicant against the records that the police and the courts of law have.

FBI checks have the advantage of eliminating instances of false positives and false negatives. However, the FBI checks can also be lengthy for people with criminal record and may give information about non-serious charges.

The background checks by the private vendors does not put any demands on the applicants to give their fingerprints. Commercial vendor give their reports after a shorter time compared to the government agency. However, these reports by commercial vendors are susceptible to false results.

The other shortcoming is that the background check information given by these vendors vary in accuracy based on their level of expertise. It is important for the employers to wisely select the entity that will conduct background check on their job applicants.

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