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Reasons Why You Should Use Carpets for Your Floor

A covering of the floor that is made up of an upper layer of pile fixed on a backing is referred to as a carpet. Most carpets in the past were made using wool fiber. Nylon and polyester are being preferred nowadays since they are less expensive compared to wool. It may hard to settle for one type of floor covering since there is a variety of them. Carpets and hardwood are the main competitors on the floor covering market. A few people are aware of the advantages of carpets over other types of hard surface floors. Each and every floor covering has its advantages and drawbacks except carpet which has a lot of benefits associated with it. Here are some of the advantages of using carpet for your floor.

A carpet will give your house or room a sense of style. Even though hard surfaces are being focused on by interior design magazines, it is good to note that carpets have a style of their own. It can make your room look luxurious, elegant, casual and comfortable. When you change the style of your carpet, you will experience different feels. A formal room requires a short-pile patterned carpet while a casual room will work best with a long frieze. A room that has a carpet is more comfortable. Ceramic tiles and concrete can make your body sore and achy when you stand or walk on them. The floor hard making it unable to be flexible. The shock experienced on your feet when you walk can never be absorbed by hard surface floors.

Using carpets for your floors will greatly benefit your health. For some time now, there has been a debate of whether carpet increase or reduce health problems like asthma and allergies. In the past years, people with respiratory problems were told to get rid of all the carpets in their house. Respiration problems have been associated with people who had hardwood floors in their homes. Having a carpet in your house will make it less noisy. Any sounds produced in a house with no carpet will move fast.

Hard surfaces can be slippery and in case you slip or fall you will be more hurt. Carpets offer a soft landing surface, and that is why they should be incorporated in babies’ rooms. In addition to carpeting the other parts of your house, it is also important to place a carpet on your staircase floors. It can also be noted that it is cheaper to purchase a carpet than to install hardwood floors.

Your feet will be warmer when you are steeping on a carpet. It has been proven that carpets can offer excellent insulation. When buying a carpet, it is important to note that all the carpets offer high insulation.

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