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The Important Ingredient in Marijuana Brownies Medical cannabis can actually be appreciated in many forms and not just to smoke it. You can also bake a batch of marijuana brownies. That surely is an amazing treat. It tastes as good as your grandma’s classic brownie recipe except that the pot brownie recipe includes a slight earthy flavor that is not so overwhelming. You will surely love these unique sweets and you will definitely want to learn how to make marijuana brownies. Some people must now be wondering why bake then it when you can just light it up and there you go. The 100 and more cannabinoids found in marijuana will still react with your body no matter which way it is taken in. You can eat it or smoke it and it will still be as effective. Before we proceed, remember that these chemical compounds are easily dissolved in fats and they do not lose their potency that way. Having said that, these compounds are easily absorbed by the body through brownies that contain butter or oils infused with cannabis. So what makes pot brownies really different from the normal ones? These brownies have cannabutter or simply butter that has cannabis. For those of you who are not butter likers, there are different substitutes. You can also opt for olive or avocado oils, which are healthier. Remember two important things. To avoid losing the effectiveness of cannabis, use non-GMO oils, that is one. And two, avoid using canola oil because it is considered a carcinogen.
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This goes to say that in order for you to bake marijuana brownies, you need to be able to make cannabutter. In making cannabutter, always use quality ingredients and materials. Quality matters if you want to keep the potency of cannabis. To start with choose a marijuana strain that has these three standards.
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Keep in mind that the strain should be 100 percent organic. The effects of the fertilizers and pesticides that are chemical are not good for your health. Second, stay away from pot that has grown under tap water. Tap water also contains chemicals. The last qualification is the high content of THC versus CBD. The higher the ration of THC is the more potent your end product is going to be. In conclusion, the best cannabutter or canna-oil makes the best pot brownies. Now you just need to decide whether you want to go vegan or the version that uses dairy products. The non-vegan recipe will use eggs and dairy. For the vegan version, you will need coconut oil, flax seeds and other ingredients that are vegan. Click this to read more.